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I had a dream that nightfall turned you to something else.
I only fond out on a tormenting evening, with smells of storm and oppressive dampness.
There laid bluish stains on your shoulder, that matched your worried eyes.
(And then you disappeared.)
Suddenly, in the still air of the twilight, i saw a stork spreading its wings distantly, great, magnificent, like weightless.
There was a part of the sky that was scattered with stars, and right upfront, the sun still round and warm ;
Swarms of insects were gliding and shining above the wheat ears.
The air was light and silent at this graceful time, hanging up on the slow flight of the bird, its limp legs and all the sweet concern it emitted.
Back home, i saw you, my beloved with a tired face but stil happy, and the stains on your shoulders had disappeared.
I felt it was you upthere and i hold tight on your wet body.
Then, in a corner of the room i saw a happily babbling baby in a bassinet… and as i stepped closer to 'her', looking at this sweet tiny thing, i saw a bluish blotchiness on her little pink shoulders, and i felt some brand new happiness.